Keep your customers 

coming back

Our customisable, innovative e-commerce loyalty apps go beyond transactional interactions by providing enhanced customer experiences. It’s the foundation for cultivating authentic emotional loyalty, creating brand advocates, and fostering real connections. Boost your business with our whitelabel, yet fully customisable, apps ready to launch in record time.

Are you looking to enhance customer lifetime value, retention, and revenue? Norbit loyalty apps and programs is your answer.

Keep your customers coming back
Promotions and Offers
Reward based on customers’ preferences and behaviour

Promotions & Offers

Having a presence on customers’ smartphones is a privilege. The extensive data collection facilitated by Norbit ensures every interaction with your business delivers value to each customer or guest. Enable customers to make purchases from your store with a single tap, streamlining the buying process for effortless transactions. 


Utilise our integrated payment gateways for seamless click-and-collect services at your physical stores. Sell event tickets, merchandise, and more, effortlessly expanding your revenue streams. Embrace the evolving landscape of online shopping by leveraging our platform to adapt and enhance your business operations.

Bounce-Back Offers

Upload vouchers and value-add offers in just seconds for your customers to simply redeem at your venue.

Value Adds

Upload vouchers and value-add offers in just seconds for your customers and guests to simply redeem at your venue. Offering late checkout, free wifi and dining offers will enhance your customer experience. 

Birthday Rewards

Celebrate your customers special day with exclusive birthday rewards tailored just for them. Update your offer in real-time.

Capture and hold your customers attention

Engage with Gamification

Gamification is a powerful tool to capture and hold consumers’ attention. Consumers are motivated to participate in these experiences simply because they find them enjoyable, not just because of the rewards they offer.

Implement quick turn-around campaigns with no additional costs.

Scratch & Win

Scratch & win campaigns incentivise visitation, reward purchases or surprise and delight customers.

Read a campaign case study.

Ask Surveys & Questions

Gain invaluable insights on retailer awareness, product offering, leasing, and engagement through interactive in-app forms. Utilize diverse survey components and enable the image upload feature to capture even more valuable data.

Receipt & Image Upload

Streamline your retail marketing efforts with our convenient receipt upload feature, allowing customers to easily submit their receipts for exclusive promotions and rewards. Or, ask customers to capture an image of them to enter a promotion.

Enter to Win
End-to-end enter to win campaign management with customisable entry requirements from profile completion to point deduction. Draw your winner and send a notification all with one click.
Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts with QR codes to influence foot traffic and movement throughout your venue.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality will bring your customers imagination to life. With in-built AR, add a new layer to your brand interactions that drive foot traffic, dwell time and customer experience. Read more about AR.

Engage with Gamification​
Know your customers better

Keep your customers informed

Talk to your customers from anywhere at any time.

Push notifications
Use your app to send real-time comms promoting upcoming events or campaigns. Simply schedule or send instantaneous push notifications announcing discounts, event ticket bookings or in-app rewards.
Target messages
You can send direct messages to a single user, segment or everybody to ensure your comms are streamlined and modified.

Our SMS feature sends alerts and marketing messages to your desired recipients, ensuring timely communication. Seamlessly integrate SMS notifications into your marketing strategy to engage customers and drive conversions.

2-way Communication

Enable two-way communication and allow recipients to easily respond to your notifications, fostering interactive engagement. With this feature, you can gain valuable insights and strengthen relationships.


Expect amplified experience and
accelerated growth.

Tiered Points System
Customers unlock exclusive rewards and perks with our customisable. innovative Tiered Points Systems. Earn points with every purchase or reward behaviour.
Messages & Notifications
Say goodbye to spam emails and directly message your customers whenever, wherever.
Detailed campaign performance and customer journey analytics in simple dashboards Streamline your campaigns.
Web-App Inclusion
End-to-end, full-service web mobile app build to enable more people to reach your content from more platforms.
Use Digital Scratch & Wins, Augmented Reality and Treasure Hunts to amplify engagement, influence foot traffic, drive visitation and increase dwell.
Segmentation & Targeting
Prioritize creating a comprehensive profile for each user. Incorporating preference surveys and gather valuable first-party and zero-party data to deliver the most impactful messages and offers.
From offers and events to important updates, you can keep everyone in-the-know. Schedule your campaigns in advance and let them run themselves whilst rewarding and engaging your customers.
Tap into integrated payment gateways for in-store pickups. Sell tickets, merchandise, and adapt to online retail with ease.
One-off web-based campaigns​
Enhancing Connectivity for Enhanced Results


We create customised solutions that seamlessly integrate with a variety of software platforms. We can ensure that your communications and CRM are perfectly aligned, resulting in a seamless and efficient workflow for your business. Let us handle the integration complexities so you can focus on delivering exceptional experiences to your customers and visitors. 

Client Testimonials

From our wonderful Clients

"It is wonderful to see the App – which is free for businesses to access and gives them total control over their own deals – bring more visitors and customers to Cleveland."

"The app creates repeat business, sales and traffic flow while gaining measurable results at the same time. Customers really enjoy the app but what I love is it’s a fantastic tool for individual retailer support."

“The value I see in the app is that it is a centralised hub for all Centre communications, especially marketing – it has the ability to be a strong marketing tool.”

Customise your app

Full Customisation Control

Take full charge of your app’s appearance with Norbit’s Full Customisation Control. Our intuitive content management system allows you to effortlessly tweak your app’s layout, colours, screens, menu text, and user flow. No coding expertise required – our platform is designed for easy customisation, putting you in complete control.

From artwork to notification copy and targeted audiences – your app reflects your unique brand. Our advanced platform offers unparalleled control, ensuring that your app is truly one-of-a-kind. Tailor every detail to your liking, knowing that no two Norbit apps are ever alike.

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