The Big Spring Energy Campaign at Greenwood Plaza & MetCentre

Shopping centres need innovative strategies to stand out and thrive. Greenwood Plaza and MetCentre, two prominent shopping centres, executed a campaign to enhance their offerings and elevate the shopping experience. The “Big Spring Energy” campaign, with a key component executed on their Norbit-powered apps, emerged as a successful large-scale campaign for both centres. This case study explores the app campaign’s journey and the impact of Norbit’s tools on tenant success and data-driven decision-making.

Greenwood Plaza and MetCentre, like many shopping centres, are incorporating more digital experiences in their campaigns due to rapidly reshaping consumer expectations. Both centres aimed to boost tenant engagement, promote cross-category spending, and gather crucial shopper data for informed decision-making.

Our Tools in Action:

The ‘Big Spring Energy’ campaign leveraged Norbit’s tools to empower tenants and drive customer engagement:

  1. Real-time Communication and Promotions: The Norbit app’s real-time communication capabilities allowed tenants to effectively promote their businesses with exclusive lunchbox deals, updating offers and engaging with shoppers instantly. This feature was instrumental in creating a dynamic and engaging shopping environment.
  2. Data and Analytics: The app offered built-in data capture forms, enabling the collection of valuable shopper data. This included insights into shopper demographics, preferences, spending habits, and more. With this treasure trove of data, Greenwood Plaza and MetCentre were equipped to make informed marketing decisions, tenant selections, and segmentation strategies.

Impacts and Outcomes:

The ‘Big Spring Energy’ campaign generated a multitude of positive impacts:

  1. Enhanced Tenant Success: Tenants experienced increased foot traffic and sales due to the campaign’s cross-category spend requirement. The requirement for shoppers to visit every category amplified visibility for all businesses, driving higher sales for participating retailers.
  2. Data-Driven Decision Making: With Norbit’s data collection tools, Greenwood Plaza and MetCentre gained deep insights into their shopper base. This allowed them to tailor marketing strategies, select tenants that resonated with their audience, and create segmented promotions to encourage repeat visits.
  3. Competitive Edge: In an era where digital experiences are paramount, offering a feature-rich shopping centre app set Greenwood Plaza and MetCentre apart from competitors. It not only improved the overall shopping experience but also attracted potential tenants looking for innovative, shopper-centric environments.

The ‘Big Spring Energy’ app component of the campaign at Greenwood Plaza and MetCentre, powered by Norbit’s tools, demonstrated how strategic collaboration and innovative technology can revitalise shopping centres. By driving tenant success, empowering data-driven decision-making, and promoting cross-category spending, the campaign elevated the shopping experience and positioned these centres to thrive in the digital age. Norbit’s tools were instrumental in transforming these shopping centres from mere brick-and-mortar locations to vibrant, data-informed hubs of commerce.

Click here to see the campaign live.

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