Drive Visitation with

Augmented Reality

Deter frequent shoppers from their beaten track by influencing foot traffic around the centre with an augmented reality campaign. Harnesses the use of mobile phones to improve retail engagement by means of a fun, treasure-hunt game.

What is AR?

Customers expect more from their shopping experience and now you can provide it. With in-built Augmented Reality (AR), add a new layer to your brand interactions that drive foot traffic, dwell time and customer experience.
Frequent visitors often stick to the path they know and miss out on what else the venue has to offer. Influence footfall and amplify consumer experiences with our AR offering on the web or in our white-label loyalty app.


Frequently Asked

How do customers earn rewards?
Customers can earn rewards in a number of ways. These include simply visiting the store/centre, referring friends to the program, providing more biographical information about themselves, making purchases, reaching program milestones, providing feedback and sharing their experiences to Facebook.
What value do points have?
You have the ability to set points to the value you desire. Customers can use their points to redeem a reward, enter a competition or, to vote or donate.
Can I customise the rewards to a specific campaign?
Rewards can be customised to achieve your business objectives. Rewards can be vouchers, 2 for the price of 1, discounted services, free trials, stamp cards, or cross category campaigns.
Can I target my audience?
Norbit enables advance segmenting capabilities to ensure the correct people are receiving the correct messages. Segment based on demographic data, shopping days & times, app activity, interactions with specific rewards & competitions and more.
Does the app work on all smartphones?
For optimal performance, it is recommended that the app is used on: Android phones except Huawei phones with Android version 6.0 or later. iPhone all device models from iPhone 6s / 6s Plus to the current lates model if they are on iOS 11 or later.
How does a customer redeem a reward?
The redemption process is super simple. 1. Customer shows retail staff the reward they would like to redeem, 2. Customer presses 'Redeem' button & scans the stores QR code, 3. Customer shows staff the success screen prior to the discount or offer being applied. The inventory is managed automatically to ensure the offer disappears after the maximum number of redemptions.
Why should I choose Norbit?
Gain competitive advantage by knowing and rewarding your customers in the most effective way for them. Talk to them anywhere at any time and upload content in minutes. No need for long lead times, collateral costs or wastage.
Client Testimonials

Happy Augmented Reality Clients

“Our Aliens and Astronauts AR campaign transformed our centre into another universe! We had so many excited faces in-centre around these school holidays."

"Our custom Careers Expo AR is wonderful! You’ve done an amazing job with this. Thank you again for all your amazing work on making this happen in the timeframe."

“We are in a competitive industry with a strong focus on digital and design. Our Easter Campaign kicked goals!! Thanks for your help making it a big sucess.”