Riverlink QR Hunt

Egg-citing Easter Quest: Riverlink’s QR Hunt on the Norbit App!

Riverlink Shopping Centre, a prominent retail destination in Ipswich, Queensland, aimed to elevate the Easter experience for its shoppers by hosting an immersive Easter QR Hunt through its Norbit Rewards app. This innovative event was designed not only to celebrate Easter but also to drive footfall, engage customers, and promote various areas within the shopping centre.

The primary goal of the Easter QR Hunt was to attract visitors to Riverlink Shopping Centre over the Easter long weekend and increase foot traffic throughout the centre. Additionally, the event aimed to create an interactive experience for families, encouraging them to explore different parts of the shopping centre which they mightn’t usually do given its size.

The hunt featured five Easter-themed targets strategically placed, each accompanied by life-size pop-ups for photo opportunities. The app included a fun Easter-themed hint for each target to best guide the shoppers on their hunt.

Participants were required to scan QR codes located at each target using the app. Upon completing the hunt, participants could claim their incentive from a dedicated promo booth.

The Easter QR Hunt at Riverlink Shopping Centre boasted impressive engagement and participation rates. Here are some key statistics and data points:

  1. App Downloads: The four-day campaign resulted in almost 200 new downloads of the Riverlink Shopping Centre app, showcasing the effectiveness of the Easter QR Hunt in driving app adoption among visitors.
  2. Active Sessions: Throughout the Easter long weekend, there were 842 active sessions on the Riverlink Shopping Centre app, indicating sustained engagement and interest from participants.
  3. Competition Completions: A total of 160 participants completed the Easter QR Hunt, demonstrating the widespread participation and appeal of the event among families and visitors.

This Easter Egg-stravaganza successfully achieved its objectives of driving footfall, engaging customers, and promoting different areas within the centre. By leveraging the capabilities of its app and creating an immersive experience for visitors, Riverlink Shopping Centre enhanced the Easter experience for families while showcasing its offerings and amenities.

Moving forward, Riverlink Shopping Centre can build upon the success of the Easter QR Hunt to develop future campaigns and initiatives that continue to delight and engage their audience, reinforcing their position as a premier retail destination in South-East Queensland.

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