Greencard Christmas Success

Greenwood Plaza’s Wonder Full Christmas Campaign

Greenwood Plaza spread holiday cheer with a combination of festive app features, interactive QR hunts, and exciting promotions. The campaign aimed to drive app downloads, increase and influence foot traffic, and enhance the overall holiday shopping experience.

Campaign Components:

Greenwood Plaza’s app underwent a festive transformation, offering exclusive holiday features and increased value rewards to users. These features incentivised app downloads and encouraged shoppers to earn points while enjoying festive prizes.

The Greencard Grinch QR Hunt campaign added an element of excitement to the holiday season. Customers embarked on a hunt for three Grinches located near the three activated areas of the shopping centre, scanning QR codes with their Greencard App at each location for a chance to win a $1,000 Gift Card. This engaging campaign influenced foot traffic for three weeks, ensuring customers participated in centre-wide initiatives.

The first QR code, featuring a Grinch hint, was strategically placed outside the Style Studio, enticing shoppers to explore the self-style meets shopping mall concept. The second QR code was located at “The Key,” the spend-to-win activated space in the plaza, driving foot traffic to this area. The third QR code awaited shoppers at the Greencard Tree of Joy, spreading Christmas joy as customers unlocked the mystery.

“The Key to a Wonder Full Christmas” campaign drove minimum spend and rewarded customers for shopping in-centre. Shoppers were incentivised to spend $30 or more, and then visit the Wonder Full Christmas Hub to unlock an instant prize.

Campaign Impact:

The Christmas campaign at Greenwood Plaza proved to be a resounding success, with a notable increase in app downloads, foot traffic, and customer engagement over the holiday period.

The campaign resulted in a significant surge in app downloads, with a 50% increase compared to the previous year. Users were drawn to the app’s festive features and interactive content, leading to heightened engagement throughout the holiday season.

Greenwood Plaza successfully acquired valuable shopper data from over 5,000 app users during the campaign period. This data provided deep insights into shopper preferences and behaviours, empowering Greenwood Plaza to tailor its marketing efforts and enhance the overall shopping experience. Foot traffic to designated holiday zones increased by 30% and achieved an all-time high participation rate in the overarching campaign.

Greenwood Plazas campaigns’ impact on app downloads, foot traffic, and customer engagement underscores the effectiveness of strategic marketing initiatives in driving economic growth and fostering community engagement.

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