Own rich first-party data through your app

Know your customers better

How well do you know your customers? Norbit Apps help you learn more.

Know your customers better

Having a Norbit app provides you with your own rich first-party data of your customers behaviour, retailer performance and visitation in intuitive dashboards matched with the tools you need to keep customers coming back. Gain invaluable insights on reward redemption, campaign results, notification open rates and app activity. If analytics isn’t your bread and butter, you’ll appreciate our responsive graphs and automatically generated EOM reports.

Do more with your Norbit data

Use your Norbit database for business-wide decision making. Our software can integrate with various client relationship management tools and email marketing softwares. Tag your ‘app’ contacts as they are transferred to your CRM and watch your business insights become more comprehensive.

Report Overview
Access all your data in real-time in one place. See who’s active, what campaign worked, who did what and easily generate reports.
Intelligent Insights
Data is useless if it relies on complex analysis. Clear reports make using data as simple as possible. Need a specific report? We can set them up for you.
Complete Customer Profiles
Relevant marketing and engaging incentives encourage users to share more about themselves. More personal data enables more personailsed marketing.
Customer Behaviour
Use data to spot trends or learn about individual habits. Which category is most engaged with, what content works best, when and where customers visit and more.
Performance Tracking
Track KPIs and goals. See how your performing at a program level, per campaign, monitor customer engagement, retailer participation and budgets.
Closed Loop Reporting
Record all the transactions your customers complete through the platform. Discover who did what where, when, and how often.
Customise your app

Create your own branded app

Take full charge of your app’s appearance with Norbit’s full customisation control. Our intuitive content management system allows you to effortlessly tweak your app’s layout, colours, screens, menu text, and user flow. No coding expertise required – our platform is designed for easy customisation, putting you in complete control.

From artwork to notification copy and targeted audiences – your app reflects your unique brand. Our advanced platform offers unparalleled control, ensuring that your app is truly one-of-a-kind. Tailor every detail to your liking, knowing that no two Norbit apps are ever alike.

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Frequently Asked

What data does Norbit collect?

Everything that a customer does in the app is recorded. This includes biographical information – name, email, gender, date of birth, postcode, suburb, and profile picture (others can be added at request).


The app records where individuals have shopped, what deals/offers/prizes they have engaged with, and all activity in the app (including milestones reached, referrals, feedback, and sharing to social media).


It also captures which retailers are most shopped at, which offers were redeemed at each one and at what time.

What can the data be used for?

Norbit allows you to view and build detailed user behaviour, and use this information to build customer segments. This allows you to offer the most personalised and relevant information and promotions to each, driving engagement and loyalty to your brand.


You can also use the data to show your stores what has been working, and show them specific campaign results for their store.


Download the data and upload it to your other marketing channels, including email marketing and social media advertising targets.

When can I access the data?

All data is yours. You can download all the data at anytime with the click of a button.

Is customer data protected?

Yes, we only collect what’s needed for the app and provide many control setting for the users. They choose what to share and opt in to using the app. No financial data is required or kept on the system.


We utilise AWS hosting, which is PCI compliant and has the following ISO certifications:

ISO 9001
ISO 27001
ISO 27017
ISO 27018


AWS is also GDPR ready, read more here.