Ready, Set, Scavage!

Riverlink: Ready, Set, Scavenge!

Riverlink Shopping Centre undertook an innovative marketing campaign from 28th August to 14th September with the aim to deliver tangible benefits to customers amid rising living costs while simultaneously harnessing valuable data to enhance their marketing efforts.

The premise of the app-related campaign was engaging: “Find hidden QR codes in Coles, Woolworths, and Aldi at Riverlink to win instant prizes.” Shoppers were encouraged to download the Riverlink Rewards App and embark on a scavenger hunt within the aisles of these retail giants. By scanning the hidden QR codes and scratching their screens, participants stood a chance to win one of 250 grocery items, or even a coveted $50 Riverlink Gift Card—up for grabs each day.

To ignite the thrill of discovery, Riverlink leveraged its social media channels to release daily clues about the concealed QR code’s whereabouts within the store. This strategy not only fostered excitement and anticipation but also drove foot traffic into the participating stores. The integration of these clues into the app allowed for seamless tracking and ensured that the competition remained active throughout the campaign’s duration.

Beyond delivering immediate value to shoppers, this campaign was a strategic masterstroke in terms of data capture. By encouraging users to download the Riverlink Rewards App and participate in the QR hunt, the shopping centre gathered a wealth of information. Users willingly provided profile fields, enabling Riverlink to build comprehensive customer profiles.

This treasure trove of data encompassed not only basic demographic details but also insights into shopping habits, preferences, and frequency of visits. The real power lies in the ability to ask custom survey questions, shedding light on customers’ interests, needs, and desires.

The Riverlink QR Code Campaign seamlessly integrated social media with the shopping centre’s mobile app, driving users from platforms where data ownership is limited (social media) to an environment where they could extract valuable insights.

This strategic move allowed Riverlink to nurture a thriving community within its app and engage in targeted remarketing. Participants in the QR code campaign became not just shoppers but also a part of a dynamic ecosystem, benefiting from exclusive offers, tailored content, and personalised experiences.

For more information and to explore the Riverlink Rewards App, click here.

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