The Norbit Augmented Reality Experience 

Augmented reality (AR) has come a long way in recent years, now being used for much more than just elaborate video games. AR offers the ability to enhance customer engagement and brand value by linking one’s physical environment with computer-generated input. These AR capabilities have become a game-changer for the marketing and customer experience realm.

How does it work with Norbit?

AR, in most cases, can cost hundreds of thousands to design, plan and deliver. However, Norbit offers to do it for you at a fraction of the cost. Built-in to your own branded app, Norbit can design and launch select season-themed AR treasure hunts and transform the way customers move around your venue. Norbit is quick and efficient, ensuring that your customers have an out-of-this-world experience in your venue and walk away with a long-lasting sense of enjoyment.

What you can expect with Norbit AR:

  1. An immersive experience for your customers

Shopping for a frequent and loyal customer is, in many cases, an unremarkable experience. AR campaigns change the nature of this their visits and offers an experience that stands out as fun, enjoyable and exciting. Plus, guide them off their beaten track to areas they may not usually visit.

  1. Break through the marketing noise 

The current state of sales and marketing material can often be overwhelming for customers, causing marketing messages to be lost. AR campaigns offer your shoppers a unique experience, proven to increase customer loyalty and dwell time. Therefore, ensuring that your message breaks through the noise of today’s marketing scene. 

  1. Connect with your customers

Recent studies have shown that customers shopping locally are wanting personalised service1. AR campaigns make shoppers feel valued and engaged while delivering personalised service through your branded app. It also connects more than just your brand to its users but also connects communities and families. With Norbit’s festive-themed treasure hunts, the whole family is engaged and transported to an alternate digital reality. Plus, customers can take photos of their families with our loveable augmented reality characters and share them to their social media.

Our Proven Results:

This year, seven of our partnered centres participated in a range of Norbit Easter-themed AR Hunts. While each centre had different incentives and rewards awarded to customers who completed the AR Hunt, all seven centres had substantial success, with over 5,400 engagements. Throughout the duration of the hunt, customers were asked to follow fun and quirky hints that direct footfall to the locations of the hidden eggs. When each target was scanned, customers tapped their screens to crack the egg and meet our Easter characters. Overall, the campaign had phenomenal feedback relating to its interactivity and community engagement.

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