South.Point QR Hunt for Christmas

South.Point runs a successful Christmas campaign with Norbit QR Hunt technology.

South.Point Shopping Centre has experimented with Norbits’ QR Hunt technology in their recent Christmas campaign. The campaign ran from the 7th of December to the 24th of December 2021 and featured multiple unique QR codes throughout the centre that users could find and scan in their app. Entertaining and cheeky hints guided customers through the app

Scanning a code would reveal a Christmas themed character (e.g. Rudolph or an elf) and finding all of the scans would reward customers with a plush toy. Using this QR Hunt South.Point was able to drive foot traffic through chosen locations in the store and create an engaging shopping experience for their customers.

During the campaign period, 175 people completed the QR Hunt with many people completing it more than once. Those who completed the hunt made up 34% of the active app users during December. The campaign also heavily influenced new users to the app with over 180 customers signing up, an increase of approximately 660% over the previous month’s sign-up rate.

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