Random Acts of Kindness @ Burwood Brickworks

Burwood Brickworks generates strong engagement with a one-day surprise and delight Random Act of Kindness Day campaign.

On the 17th of February, Burwood Brickworks hosted a Norbit scratch & win competition to create some excitement via the app. Any customer that makes a purchase in-store on that day would scan the stores QR code to receive 10 purchase points, scratch the digital scratch card and reveal if they have won a major prize or a minor prize.

The competition gained great traction with over 50% of active users entering. Furthermore, the simple campaign was effective for new downloads. It encouraged cross-category shopping and increased dwell time as customers collected and used their prizes. Each time the customer shopped and scanned, they were given another chance to win on their scratch card. Burwood Brickworks was able to manage the inventory throughout the day to ensure the entire inventory was won, which was no problem considering how popular the campaign was.

The campaign was promoted the day prior on eDM and drove foot traffic mid-week to the centre, an otherwise quieter day in the centre.

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