Mother’s Day

Hyperdome Shopping Centre ran a successful Mother’s Day campaign on their app, named ‘Gift More to Mum’. This campaign featured a scratch & win experience where users had the opportunity to win an assortment of fragrances and candles. By collaborating with a retailer to provide these prizes, Hyperdome effectively promoted the retailer and drove a significant increase in foot traffic to the shopping centre.

To execute the campaign, Hyperdome harnessed the capabilities of their Hyperdome Rewards app, leveraging gamification to capture consumers’ attention and foster loyalty. Hyperdome Shopping Centre not only incentivised app usage but also supported the retailer by showcasing their new range of products.

The ‘Gift More to Mum’ campaign yielded exceptional results, showcasing the effectiveness of Hyperdome’s app-based marketing strategy. The centre experienced a substantial surge in app downloads, driven by the allure of the scratch & win game. Additionally, Hyperdome Shopping Centre distributed nearly 1000 prizes to lucky winners, generating excitement and engagement among app users while enhancing customer satisfaction.

A key element of the campaign’s success was Hyperdome’s strategic use of push notifications within the app. Regular reminders and updates were sent to all app users, encouraging them to shop, participate in the competition, and increase their chances of winning. This proactive approach resulted in heightened user engagement, amplifying the campaign’s reach and impact.

The Mother’s Day campaign shows the power of gamification and loyalty apps in capturing consumers’ attention and driving engagement. In an era of potential economic challenges, investing in loyalty initiatives has become increasingly crucial for marketers seeking to enhance customer lifetime value, retention, and revenue.

Congratulations to Hyperdome Shopping Centre for the successful Mother’s Day campaign that not only delighted app users but also brought tangible benefits to their esteemed retail partners. By leveraging the inherent appeal of gamification and the immersive experience provided by their loyalty app, Hyperdome effectively engaged their audience, promoted the retailer, and significantly boosted foot traffic to the shopping centre.

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