Winter Wins Scratch & Win

Winter Wins

As Winter rolled in, Greenwood Plaza and MetCentre, embraced the season with a scratch & win campaign, ‘Winter Wins.’ To welcome the colder months and all things cozy, the Winter Wins campaign achieved new records of engagement on each centre app.

‘Winter Wins’ ran throughout the month of June and encouraged customer spend by rewarding purchases with a guaranteed instant win for each shopper. This approach directly incentivised in-centre spend, as each transaction presented a chance to win a prize.

With a prize pool worth up to $20,000 total, participants had the chance to win from an array of rewards. From complimentary lunches, coffees, and massages to haircuts, sunglasses, and gift vouchers, the campaign catered to a diverse range of preferences, ensuring there was something for everyone.

By creating a seamless integration between rewards, chance and shopping, the campaign bought upon moments of anticipation and excitement, enhancing customers’ shopping experience.

Beyond the gamification, ‘Winter Wins’ reached nearly 1,000 new app downloads, solidifying its success in both engaging current customers and attracting new ones. By directly linking the scratch & win game to customer spending, the campaign effectively incentivised additional purchases, further pushing sales for participating retailers.

With the scratch & win gamification, an impressive prize pool, and a blend of rewards, chance and shopping, the campaign resulted in exceptional results that surpassed expectations. Mirvac’s ‘Winter Wins’ campaign showcases how enhancing retail experiences can create lasting memories and fostering customer loyalty in the process.

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