Stanhope Village Celebrates Community and the Love of Sport with ‘Ready, Set Goal!’ Activation

Stanhope Village VIP App, powered by Norbit, is kicking off its ‘Ready, Set, Goal’ activation to honour the Matildas, Australia’s Women’s National Soccer Team. This exciting campaign not only pays tribute to the Matildas but also offers VIP customers exclusive deals from retailers on the Stanhope Village App.

The Stanhope Village App, developed by Norbit, has become a local favourite, offering a seamless shopping experience. It connects shoppers with retailers, providing access to products, exclusive deals, and event updates.

Retailers on the Stanhope Village App have submitted a variety of exclusive offers for VIP customers. From fashion to dining and entertainment, there’s something for everyone.

To access these deals, users need to download or update the Stanhope Village App, and sign up as VIP customers. There, they can redeem fantastic offers.

Community Excitement The ‘Ready, Set, Goal’ activation has brought the community together in support of the Matildas. The community are enjoying exclusive deals from local retailers while backing their favourite soccer team.

The above text was taken from Revelops LinkedIn post. Click here to read the post and watch the events video.

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