myHQ Rewards App Launch

Sydney-based home and life shopping centre, Home HQ officially launched its Norbit app, called myHQ Rewards App, to support retailers, reward customers and improve their shopper experience.

To kick start the launch, Home HQ hosted several in-centre activities to attract customers and placed several different promotions on the app to encourage downloads.

These promotions included a free $10 in-app voucher for new app users, a free candle that could be redeemed from a promotional cart once a minimum spend was achieved, and an app-based enter-to-win offering $1,000 to a lucky winner.

Our client managing the myHQ Rewards App was really pleased with the outcome.

“Everything is super user friendly which made the rewards easy to redeem and I’m sure customers are very inclined to participate with further retailer rewards,” they said.

In just one weekend, myHQ Rewards App gained hundreds of new users and achieved an all-time high profile completion rate.

Furthermore, the competition and rewards hosted on the app gained significant attention.

The large number of entries and rewards redeemed during this period reflect a high level of engagement that has created an efficient platform for the centre to execute future campaigns on.

Retailers have already seen the value and have submitted several rewards to drive traffic to their stores and keep myHQ app users engaged on the platform.

The myHQ team explained, “It definitely was a successful weekend, we saw heaps of in-centre traffic and the app got some great reviews from just asking customers when they downloaded.”

Congratulations to HomeHQ for an incredibly triumphant launch.

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