Invercargill Central App Launch

Invercargill Central, the dynamic nucleus of New Zealand’s CBD landscape, proudly presents the successful inauguration of the Norbit app – a technological marvel that has taken the local scene by storm.

In a strategic move on September 15th, Invercargill Central orchestrated the grand debut of their Norbit app, incorporating an enticing Scratch & Win mechanic that ignited an unprecedented level of user involvement. This initial foray set the tone for an immersive month-long journey, further enriched by the introduction of the Dino AR Hunt on October 1st – timed to coincide with the school holidays. This imaginative use of Norbits’ augmented reality not only amplified engagement levels by a remarkable threefold but also seamlessly extended the momentum generated by the Scratch & Win competition. The dual-pronged approach gave rise to an intricate launch phase.

The resounding impact of the launch exceeded all prognoses, with Invercargill Central witnessing an impressive influx of app downloads that surpassed initial expectations. The app recorded an impressive 4000 active sessions, with a profile completion rate approaching the 50% mark. The twin focal points of the Scratch & Win and AR hunt competitions translated into a surge of enthusiastic user participation, effectively invigorating foot traffic.

The strategic integration of an AR hunt as the centrepiece of the app launch has proven to be a pivotal move for Invercargill Central, emanating a level of intrigue and interaction that resonated deeply with users.

Invercargill Central executed a launch that seamlessly melded innovation and dedication. Well done to Invercargill Central for redefining the boundaries of engagement and launching their app.

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