Why Saas for Bricks & Mortar Retail

We’ve seen so many shopping centres explore (or actually go ahead) designing and developing their own mobile apps, and I’m always curious as to why. For customers who use Norbit to power their apps, they understand that their time should be spent managing and marketing their centre, not managing a team of developers, and they gain huge value by using Norbit’s Software as a Service (SaaS) Shopping Mall App Solution.

There seems to be something about apps and a desire to ‘own’ the technology? It’s something that really boggles my mind, and I ask the question:

  • What CRM do you use? Did you build it from scratch?
  • What E-mail marketing platform do you use? Is it custom built?
  • What’s your website built with? Did you build the code and CMS from scratch?

Of course the answers are always that a third party platform is used. So why are apps different? If anything, apps are the one item that should look to leverage existing solutions, and the cost to design and develop an app, if done properly, will sit in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and months (if not years) of development and testing. And that’s just for the first phase.

Have you considered the ongoing costs associated? The hosting fees, constant updates due to constantly changing operating systems, and new phone releases? Have you factored in the need to have proactive developers testing BETA releases for Android and iOS before they are released to market? What about that new feature you’d like to implement?

Norbit provides a simple to manage and simple to budget for app solution for bricks and mortar retail. Facebook changed its algorithm? We deployed in-built feeds days after. The iPhone X was released, we had an update ready to go, all included in the monthly fee.

White label solutions work. They’re fast to deploy, cost effective to maintain, and allow you to focus on your core mission – marketing.

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