Norbit Launches Alice Plaza

Norbit was recently implemented in a rural shopping centre to elevate the retailers’ promotions and rapport with their loyal customers.

An Animal Farm Augmented Reality (AR) campaign recently completed by Alice Plaza as part of their launch campaign engaged customers and families to complete the hunt to unlock a prize from one of the centre’s retailers. Floor decals were spread out through the centre, increasing foot traffic to areas of the centre. Customers were required to use the clues provided to find all the animals and watch them come to life through augmented reality.

This AR Hunt encouraged customers to explore the centre, which improved foot traffic for those retailers in the quieter parts of the centre.

Alice Plaza achieved its goals and presented appealing offers and rewards to its loyal customer base. This was critical to ensuring they had a successful launch, especially for a rural centre.

Alice Plaza’s GOALS were to:

  • Engage retailers and customers
  • Incentivise referrals to ensure an engaged local community
  • Increase dwell time
  • Increase foot traffic

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