Own your first-party data

Given the cards that 2022 has already dealt us, it’s super important to focus on the positive and make smart business decisions to support bricks and mortar retail every step of the way.

In February 2020, Google announced there would be big changes made to the way we use cookies and ad-tracking tools by 2022. As if there wasn’t enough to worry about already!

The same announcement included the news that Google wouldn’t be developing “alternate identifiers to track individuals as they browse across the web, nor will [they] use them in [their] products.” Now marketers are required to adapt their approach to audience targeting and diversify. To effectively reach and influence your target audiences, a more detailed understanding of the customer journey will need to be achieved, as well as the gathering of their own customer identifiers in order to build up your data platforms.

How do you understand the customer journey and decision-making process in an accurate and thorough manner? Collect your shopper data in a way where you respect user privacy. Norbit specialises in cookieless targeting in non-invasive first-party data collection. Our app places your business in the palms of your customers for every step of their journey. Reveal valuable data of what makes your customers tick. Understand the foundations of your market and base your business decisions on stronger insights.

From the very beginning of a customers journey with Norbit, they provide explicit consent for your first-party data collection across all platforms. In return for this important data exchange, Norbit enables you to provide your key customers with a tailored shopping experience.

Norbit’s ability to create an engaging customer experience as well as track fundamental marketing data is wholly unique. By encouraging customers to engage with the app we are able to drive and record footfall, track customer spending habits, segment users for more direct marketing capabilities and much more. All of this gives you the ability to create opportunities for yourself, and your customers.

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