retail marketing.

Norbit specialises in whitelabel apps and digital marketing solutions for retail, hospitality and services. Our powerful platform enables you to promote businesses, send push notifications, enhance engagement and collect rich first-party data.


You can say good bye to long lead times and high costs with our time-saving tool.

Norbit-powered apps globally

Supercharge your retail marketing
Connect & Reward​
Engage your loyal customers

Connect & Reward

Implement automated campaigns to personalise the way you reward your customers. Make it simple or use our advanced segmenting to deliver the offer to the right person at the right time.

  • Build audience profiles and personas
  • Provide targeted and relevant coupons based on consumer preferences
  • Attract new customers and increase customer retention rates
  • Interact with your audience 24/7 and in real-time
  • 100% email marketing opt-in compliance
Say Goodbye to Print, Distribution & Manual Redemption Tracking

Quick turn-around campaigns
with no additional costs

Use digital coupons and vouchers to eliminate physical promotional print and distribution costs, and track your campaign success down to the second and cent in real-time.
Launch a scratch and win in minutes to your target audience and have complete oversight of your its performance as it rolls out infront of you.

Quick turn-around campaigns with no additional costs​
One-off web-based campaigns​
One-off web-based campaigns

One-off web-based campaigns

Save yourself the nightmare of print costs, voucher redemption and collection, and data storage. Host a one-off scratch and win, enter to win or treasure hunt on the web, and capture your data, track redemptions digitally and manage your campaign in real-time.

Know your customers better

Own rich first-party data

Execute strategies that drive results with Norbit. Our digital engagement tools enable you to create acquisition and holistic campaigns to exceed your objectives. Review your powerful data in intuitive dashboards and maximise your impact by integrating Norbit with your email marketing or CRM software.

  • Analyse your consumer habits in our CMS
  • Optimise and automate with real information
  • Make a real impact on your business success
Own rich first-party data​