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Norbit creates innovative marketing, community engagement and loyalty apps to drive growth. Our powerful web and native apps empower businesses to enhance customer lifetime value, retention, and revenue while offering seamless e-commerce experiences. Completely customise your app and bring your content to life with our intuitive content management system. We’ve done the hard work for you – you don’t need to learn code to control your app!


Build a strong and authentic connection to your audience with our time-saving tools.

Norbit-powered apps globally

We can bring your idea to life

So, do you need an app to boost your business?

Result-driven apps

Our experienced team of app developers and UX/UI designers will work with you to ensure your mobile app is simple-to-use, engaging and brings your brand to life. We develop apps for businesses and start-ups all over the globe. We deliver:

  • Comprehensive app and launch strategy
  • User-centric UX and UI design
  • Focused on building robust, secure and scalable marketing solutions
  • Ongoing maintenance ensure your app stays up-to-date and running smoothly
  • iOS, Android & Web app design
  • Payment gateway integration


Receive expert input into the design, customer experience and the technology that will give you maximum results.







Your competitive advantage

Quick turn-around campaigns

Use digital coupons and vouchers to eliminate physical promotional print and distribution costs, and track your campaign success down to the second in real-time.


Stay ahead of the curve; gamification is emerging as a powerful tool for brands to capture and hold consumers’ attention. Execute campaigns instantly from your mobile or tablet.

Quick turn-around campaigns with no additional costs​
Connect & Reward​

Connect & Reward

Implement automated campaigns to personalise the way you reward your customers. Make it simple or use our advanced segmenting to deliver the right offer to the right person at the right time.

Client Testimonials

From our wonderful Clients

"It is wonderful to see the App – which is free for businesses to access and gives them total control over their own deals – bring more visitors and customers to Cleveland."

"The app creates repeat business, sales and traffic flow while gaining measurable results at the same time. Customers really enjoy the app but what I love is it’s a fantastic tool for individual retailer support."

“The value I see in the app is that it is a centralised hub for all Centre communications, especially marketing – it has the ability to be a strong marketing tool.”

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