Keep your customers 

coming back

Our digital white-label loyalty app enables you to engage your customers like never before and increase visitation daily.
Generate strong customer loyalty, with promotions and marketing tools fit for your objectives and business.
What’s your secret weapon? Make it Norbit.

Promotion & Offers​

Promotions & Offers

Build strong customer loyalty, with marketing and promotions that are fit to your business objectives. Have full control over your reward inventory with the ability to to schedule rewards to a particular day or time period, maximising your targeting and campaign success.

Bounce-Back Offers
Schedule bounce-back offers to your target segments to keep your customers engaged and coming back.
Value Adds
Upload vouchers and value-add offers in just seconds for your customers to simply redeem at your venue.

Engage with Gamification

Schedule your campaigns in advance and let them run themselves whilst rewarding and engaging your customers. Say goodbye to print and distribution costs with:

Scratch and win
Scratch & win campaigns incentivise visitation, reward purchases or surprise and delight customers.
Answer to win
In-app forms gain invaluable customer insights on retailer awareness, product offering, leasing and engagement.
Enter to win
End-to-end enter to win campaign management with customisable entry requirements from profile completion to point deduction. Draw your winner and send a notification all with one click.
Treasure hunt
Treasure hunts with QR codes to influence foot traffic and movement throughout your venue.
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality will bring your customers imagination to life. With in-built AR, add a new layer to your brand interactions that drive foot traffic, dwell time and customer experience.
Engage with Gamification​
Keep your customers informed​

Keep your customers informed

Talk to your customers from anywhere at any time.

Push notifications
Use your app to send real-time comms promoting upcoming events or campaigns. Simply schedule or send instantaneous push notifications announcing discounts, event ticket bookings or in-app rewards.
Target messages
You can send direct messages to a single user, segment or everybody to ensure your comms are streamlined and modified.
Norbit Features

Expect amplified experience and
accelerated growth.

Rewards & Promotions
You can send direct messages to a single user, segment or everybody to ensure your comms are streamlined and modified.
Ask Questions
Capture customer spend or ask a 20 words or less competition to engage customers whilst gaining insights.
Messages & Notifications
Say goodbye to spam emails and directly message your customers whenever, wherever.
Detailed campaign performance and customer journey analytics in simple dashboards.
User Friendly CMS
Streamline your campaigns. Allow Norbit to interface with your Email and CRM tools to maximise your data coverage. Use your rich data properly.
Use Digital Scratch & Wins, Augmented Reality and Treasure Hunts to amplify engagement, influence foot traffic, drive visitation and increase dwell.
Segmentation & Targeting
Send the right message to the right people and achieve all-time high engagement.
From offers and events to important updates, you can keep everyone in-the-know. Plus, integrate with your email & CRM software smoothly.
Client Testimonials

Clients are loving Norbit!

"It is wonderful to see the App – which is free for businesses to access and gives them total control over their own deals – bring more visitors and customers to Cleveland."

"The app creates repeat business, sales and traffic flow while gaining measurable results at the same time. Customers really enjoy the app but what I love is it’s a fantastic tool for individual retailer support."

“The value I see in the app is that it is a centralised hub for all Centre communications, especially marketing – it has the ability to be a strong marketing tool.”

Bespoke Apps

Built for your needs

We can deliver your bespoke app, from initial concept, detailed design and specifications, through to application development and on-going testing. Our experienced team of marketers, developers and designers can help achieve the perfect product for your business and cut your overheads.

Bespoke Apps. Built for your needs