Norbit is an Airport Community Solution

Businesses across Canberra Airport can communicate exclusive staff offers right to the fingertips of airport staff via the Canberra Airport Rewards App.

The Norbit marketing tool promotes all of the businesses and retailers within the Canberra Airport Business Parks to the community of employees that work in the precinct. The staff on airport land are the most frequently visiting demographic who are highly receptive to everyday, exclusive offers. Therefore, staff are a high-value segment.

This great incentive brings businesses together and encourages positive shopping behaviour amongst all staff. It enables businesses to directly engage with customers in a contactless manner.

All retailers and businesses can benefit from embedding this quick and easy channel into their marketing communications for various offers, discounts and exclusive competitions. The staff community feels valued by this initiative and retailers benefit greatly from the use of this app, therefore, both parties are reaping the benefits.

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