Chatswood Interchange Launch with Norbit

Chatswood officially launched their Norbit App with a month of giveaways that drove strong app engagement.

From the 1st – 31st May, Chatswood Interchange rewarded customers each day with one winner drawn at random to receive a $250 centre gift card. This was done using the Reports tab in the admin as well as the Messages feature to notify winners via a direct and personalised push notification. This is a new method of launch and was largely successful due to its simple acquisition mechanic.

Overall the launch was a huge success with the app gaining thousands of users in a little over a month. This is an extraordinary level of engagement with the app gaining more than 400 users in just one day. The app also managed to consistently maintain a high level of active users daily throughout the competition period.

Congratulations Chatswood on an incredibly successful app launch! We look forward to seeing what other great campaigns will be on the app.

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