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Our focus is on people first, using technology and data to influence and reward behaviour.




April 2014 – September 2014

After years working with some of Australia’s largest shopping centres, Norbit is conceptualised to offer a program that goes beyond points for purchase. Much research, many sleepless nights, and endless designing.

October 2014 – May 2015

Thanks to some trailblazing partners, Norbit signs it’s first contracts with a Beta Group to validate, develop, and test the app (Thanks Capalaba Park, Redbank Plaza and Brookside Shopping Centre!).

More research, more sleepless nights, more designing, and more excitement!

May 2015 – July 2017

Norbit’s first app, Park Points Capalaba is launched in May 2015, followed closely by Redbank Rewards and Brook Rewards. More feedback, more research, more refinement, more users, more sleepless nights, more shopping centres using Norbit, more staff, less bugs, more validation, and lots more features released.

Release Augmented Reality, Win Awards for our clients.


Go global

December 2016 – now

Establish reseller relationships in Europe, Asia, Africa and Americas. Increase from 2 team members to 9 and bring all development, user experience, and user interface design in house.

We want your help. Join our team.


Total funding amount

Norbit Investors

After securing more and more centres, Norbit received seed funding of $400000. Even more validation that we are making a difference and people believed in our vision.

Soon after, launch the app in Norway, and sign first mall in the Philippines.

Continue to evolve, improve and release new features. More features, more users, more happy clients, and more drive than ever before!


Points Awarded


In-App Transactions


Prizes Redeemed


Retailers Participating




Competition Entries


With thousands of active members, averaging active usage of 67%, Capalaba Park continues to see new customers download and use the app regularly.

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